In 2015 Georgian State National Singing and Dancing Academic Ensemble “ERISIONI” will be 130 years old.
It was established in 1885 and in 2000 has stepped in the third millennium, which is a unique case not only in our country, but in the overseas as well.
It is also called the “museum ensemble”.
It is clear, that the Georgian State National Singing and Dancing Academic Ensemble “ERISIONI”, from the very time of its establishment is the unique in our country. It is devoted to the original samples of folk songs, hardening with the professional creativity, their cultural laying.
The ensemble is able to revive, save and keep the incomparable masterpieces from all parts of our country, pressed under many millenniums and keep them for the future generation: both sided chorus, round dancing, ritual celebrating and other samples, which are very difficult to perform according to the diversity.
For its diverse nature the ensemble during its existence astonished: Paris, Geneva, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, Beijing, Moscow, Sankt Petersburg, Singapore, and others.
The Ensemble, which has no analogy on our planet, during two hours from the professional stage displays Georgian folk music and dance with its incomparable Georgian national costumes characterized every part of Georgia, Georgian character, nature.
The famous world specialists consider, that “Georgian song with its polyphonic musical thinking is outlaw” and isn’t worth discussed.
From the 1986 the ensemble is directed by Georgian public artists, laureates of premiums of State and Rustaveli: the artistic director of the ensemble- artistic director is Jemal Chkuaseli and the chief choreographer – Revaz Chokhonelidze.
In 1999 the ensemble was named “ERISIONI” (it means “the light high on the mountain”).
In the life of “ERISIONI” it is worth mentioned the last 10 years, connected with the American producer Jim Law.
In 2002 “ERISIONI” was given the Golden disc. Simultaneously more than 5000 playbills and other advertisements were exposed in the streets mentioning “ERISIONI’s” “Triumphantly return” in paris. The first and the last are the unique cases in the life of Georgian culture.
The song “Chakrulo” together with the several other world masterpieces in 1977 was sent to the galaxy by the Americans. It’s the result of the inspiration of our ensemble during the tour in the USA and its recording, which also was done by the Americans.
The most important fact is that the shows displayed by “ERISIONI” based on pure Georgian folk songs and dances not only still stand the time , but forge ahead it with its incomparable polyphonic originality.
Recently Georgian State National Singing and Dancing Academic Ensemble “ERISIONI” produced the new “Georgian Treasure”- show – program and displayed it towards the Georgian and foreign spectators.