In 2015 Georgian State National Singing and Dancing Academic Ensemble “ERISIONI” will be 130 years old.
Georgian folk song and dance state academic ensemble “ERISIONI” was created in 1885 .the ensemble stepped into the third century, which is an unprecedented occurrence in Georgia ,a well as beyond its borders. it is even called the ensemble museum .ever since it was created ,the ensemble “ERISIONI” has been the only one in the country, that has been able to revive and keep for the future every regions masterpieces of our country by folklore ,its unique traditions, by staying loyal to the primary source and functional importance: roundelay, festive and other samples by alternate choruses.
The ensemble has mesmerized many countries and cities of the world throughout its existence: Paris, Geneva, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, Peking, Moscow, Saint Peterburg , Singapure, Ukraine, Athens, Istanbul, India, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Canada etc. during its two-hour show program ”ERISIONI” is presenting unique Georgian folk song and dance with the costumes revealing Georgian character and ethnographic nature typical of all regions of Georgia.
In 1999-2007 popular programs have been performed:”The legend of Tamar”, ”Georgian Legend” and “The Legend of Tempest” ,which are associated with the name of American producer Jim Lowe. After seeing several ensembles ,he selected “ERISIONI”. His words are as follows: “ERISIONI” is the museum of Georgian folklore. It is the ensemble , that will put wings on my project.” With this project “ERISIONI” implemented on international touring schedule and achieved a huge success.
The Universal company selected and issued the records of the world’s best performers and ensembles: Monserrat Caballe,Freddie Mercury, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Sarah Brittman, Jse Carreras and etc. The recording of “Samaia” is among them from the show program “Georgian Legend”. All this is an unprecedented event in Georgias’s cultural history.
With several musical masterpieces of the world ,”Chakrulo” sent to the galaxy by NASA in 1977 is the result of the ensemble’s was recorded by famous Georgian singers Rostom Saginashvili and Ilia Zakaidze.
In 2008 the ensemble performed a new show program “Georgian Treasure” and presented it in front of international and Georgian spectators. As stated in the evaluation of specialists and spectators , a new show program turned out to be successful.
According to the public was the best show among “ERISIONI’s” show programs and represented a step teken to the future as a more dynamic and diverse play.which symbolized Georgia’s ancient history very artistically and with a wonderful ethnographic preciseness.